Hi CogScis!

Fun projects in the neuroinformatics group of university osnabrück are looking for participants. Ranging from quadrocopter to virtual reality, from dream research to brain computer interfacing, and more.

Work in our fun projects, gather practical experiences, learn interesting stuff.

Open to all CogSci students. Alone or as a team.

The deal:
- you may use our hardware for free (quadrocopter, virtual reality equipment, Zeo EEGs, etc.)
- you have fun and program cool & crazy stuff
- you choose what you work on and how much
- you get no payment and no ECTS points (but maybe your work leads to a more formal contribution later)
- you can get a letter of recommendation for your work
- you can suggest your own ideas for new fun projects
- no minimal/maximal time restrictions
- "official" works (e.g. bachelor/master theses, projects of NI employees) take priority

Please contact Kristoffer if you are interested in joining one of the projects or if you have own ideas.

  • Project Type: Team Collaboration

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