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The project idea is to be a site in which users can generate images using a template created by the administrator of the tool. BACKEND - Administration The administration panel to allow viewing / delete the images created, and allows SEO configure, widgets (links and social networks) and site advertising spaces. needed in the backend of a WYSIWYG editor that allows drag options like "Text Box" or "Image Area" to a picture that is is in the background. By the time the user drag a "Text Box" to the area, it will show the options you have, for example, font, font size, font style, alignment, color (RGB), background, borders ... and also allow it to be given a unique identifier which saved the text options. When you drag a picture box, should have similar options as height, width, borders ... When you drag a text box or image as an option should also keep the exact location where it was generated. In addition to the possibility of limiting the number of characters and give a description for the mouse over. FRONT END - USER The user will see a front end with the most popular images, templates most popular random random images and templates you can use. In addition to an area to search, a widget with social networking site and a widget with recommended links. Obviously also the user will see the areas of advertising configured in the backend. When choosing a template, the user will see below it the options that have been configured on the backend, or text boxes that need to upload images to click on the button "Generate". It will change the size of images or cut if necessary and according to the parameters set in the backend. Each template will have a special folder on the domain ( which will be described that template (short and long description - values ​​SEO), and will be pre-built images. every image created is given a name of X amount of characters, so that these images can be viewed using a single URL: ( / ). These pictures should have the facility to share on social networks using pre-configured SEO values. ---- Site Design: I currently I have purchased and installed this script on my site, design end should be very similar

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Manager: jagriti tiwari