Instinox is a world renowned Stainless Steel Pipes supplier and distributor. Our Stainless Steel Pipes have become one of the bestselling pipes across the globe as a result of our impeccable surface finish along with outstanding durability. To give you guaranteed safe, proven Stainless Steel Pipes we make sure that our pipes are tested in not only government laboratories but private laboratories as well. Every Stainless Steel Pipes manufactured at Instinox has a heat number traceability which allows it to be tracked back to the mill at which it was procured. Being a Stainless Steel Pipes Suppliers we provide you with best quality product.
At Instinox Stainless Steel Pipes come from a very prodigious and versatile family of engineering materials. These materials are known for their proven corrosion resistant and heat resistant properties. All stainless steel pipes contain a minimum of 10.5% chromium, which when met with the oxygen and moisture in the environment form an oxide film that envelops the entire surface of the pipe which acts as a protective and a coherent layer against corrosion and heat. Buy Fine Quality Stainless Steel Pipes at Instinox with best product prices.
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