This project is built (as of version 0.1) by one person and the development
was focused on the fast and really usable release.

There are the lot of things to do to improve the project till the
professional level.

The project needs help from testers and contributors.
Also the correctors for the English and Russian web site contents are welcome.

On the other hand, the the project's goal is the fast and easy multipurpose
cluster deployment is reached. In less than a hour you'll get a complete tuned
platform for running any virtual instances in a cheap high availability environment.

So, from practical view, the project can already be used.


Only the major improvements.

  • The separation of some parts of the code into a deb packages to improve
  • The deployment automotion for instances with OS'es other than Debian/GNU -
    major Linux distros, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris and M$ Windows.