Transparent LED display becoming party standard products. The use of large-scale LED display and causing a false impression that the art became LED display background and LED display seems to "upstage", there is overwhelming too. Some people say, LED screen positioned too high in scenography, and the cooling function has been neglected.

Transparent display long-term work at a high temperature, the heat problem is the primary problem. Such as cooling duct design is unreasonable, easily lead to dust deposits on the fan shaft, power supply. SE55/80 LED display takes "free your imagination" as the design concept, its unique flexible structure enable panel can be curved, rolled up, hung up or folded to form versatile shapes. Customized size helps stage light designers achieve more creative ideas.

If the LED outdoor display area is relatively large, air-conditioned factory went directly to order, if the area is not the case would go to the store to buy, but the display is a call to compensate air conditioning cooling function.

If the installation is to use transparent LED display column, it is best to use the cooling function, up against the best. If the double column, the double column in the middle position open several shutters, the Better Business Window is intake port, exhaust fan above the mouth, so make a complete air convection heat better. Measures full-color LED display maintenance program, one to do the cooling function, the second is to avoid the use of improper operation.

Here you can find transparent LED display:

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