Titanium tubing and zirconium tubing suitable for environments and applications where the properties of stainless steels are not sufficient. Titanium tubes have found many applications in many industries because of its strength, corrosion resistance and unique density. It is, of course, a better substance to use than competing materials like stainless steels or alloys. Titanium’s density is about 60% of that steel or nickel based alloy which gives significant weight saving in aerodynamic applications. Ferritin stainless steel has lesser tensile strength over authentic titanium tubes. Om Tubes being Titanium Tubes Manufacturers they undergo various tests of their product for better quality.
Uses of Titanium Tubes:-
• Because of its toughness and light weight, it can be found in numerous aviation outlines and gear, elite race autos, golf clubs, and therapeutic hardware also. Titanium is likewise very impervious to erosion and has the most noteworthy quality to thickness proportion of any metal.
• Om Tube has for quite some time been a main supplier of the most astounding quality titanium. We offer our customers a wide assortment of titanium in various diverse structures including plates, tubing, sheets, bars, wire items, and funnels.
• What’s more, titanium is accessible in a large number of thicknesses, widths, lengths, and grades. An adaptable metal, titanium can be alloyed with an assortment of other metal components including aluminum, iron, and molybdenum to give some examples.
Buy High Quality Titanium Tubes at Om tubes because it undergoes various test for better product quality.
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