From the model, performance and price considerations, what is different, what effect is relatively better? Comparative look at it below.

First, P5 and P6, the distance between the back of the P value is two pixels or light (unit is mm), so their dot pitch 5mm and 6mm. At the same time you can know the number of points on the same area, P5 should be more, P6 less, for example, on one square meter area around the pixel P5 have 40,000, but only 27,778 on the P6, LED display dot pitch smaller pixels The higher, the better the picture clarity.
However, the smaller the dot pitch, the production of difficulty will increase accordingly, is like a small pitch products (less than 2.5mm) price than ordinary indoor screen to be expensive. Dot pitch of the larger body of the screen for viewing the farther the distance, generally have a formula to calculate the optimum viewing distance = point spacing can /

(0.3~0.8), which is an approximate range. Thus formula P6 for viewing distance 7.5-20m, in this context Watch, the effect will be very good, enough to meet the daily actual display. Of course, if using P5, the result will be good.

But it is worth noting: the LED display must choose the right combination of factors to consider viewing distance and screen body area, price, etc., where the bright color Micro recommends that you choose to meet the daily application of the actual display of the product on the line, because right before it's the best.

Ditto management and so on, we can know the difference between different types of contrast other, do not make too many descriptions. The above is the difference between the indoor LED display p5 and p6, and more on indoor, outdoor LED display prices, models and other related problems, you can communicate with the bright color customer service.

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