With with economic of rapid development and LED display technology of constantly progress, increasingly more of people began on now of advertising carrier proposed has more high of requirements, like traditional of outdoor lightbox, and plane poster, and paper mass media, has cannot meet people diversification of needs, and now HD LED display became a new media development of addition a direction.

Flexible LED screen:

Flexible creative LED screen as the new darling of the outdoor advertising, not available in other advertisement carrier advantage, Visual impact and cost, and so on. Due to the characteristics of LED display with high brightness and even daytime looks the picture is very clear and distinct, and a strong visual impact, if you are using high-density display this feature is more obvious but also closer to people's viewing distance. LED screens also have a full release feature around the clock. Many television ads in favor of the previous launch, while overall audience more TV ads, but also many TV channels, good programs, and Primetime price is not cheap. Considering the goal of LED screen is a single, centralized, can best attract the attention of passing around the crowd, and advertisements on the big screen broadcasts every day, to inculcate its ad content repeatedly, has strengthened the publicity. Full-color LED display also has many strengths, is the new darling of the outdoor advertising industry, but has faced a variety of problems that should be improved.

Operationally, the Flexible LED screen is mainly composed of four components: rent, depreciation, electricity, and maintenance. Rent and depreciation are almost always be fixed, whereas electricity charges and maintenance specifications and quality depends mainly on the screen, dozens of blocks or an operation are hundreds of display media company a monthly electricity bill will not, therefore, on the purchase screen time is also worthy of media companies focus on a problem, in addition to maintenance problems are worth thinking about. Actually, many media companies have high-quality requirements for outdoor LED screen, because once the screen appears to be damaged media company, whether operational or maintenance Gets a big loss.

According to the industry said, power is the key to most problems occurring in the operation of a piece, if they fail, will lead directly to frequently appear on the screen the black block, affecting customers of the media advertising. Under normal circumstances, creative LED screens use three or five years or more will have a large amount of dust, damp, and the power failure is derived from this. Power protection and centralized dust moisture damage if the temperature control is not suitable, or long time fan also fails, or display power, prolonged heat leads to dissolve little qualitative change and so on, which may cause damage to the power supply. The reason for these may cause damage to the power supply, companies should consider how to ensure that the normal use of power in a variety of environments.

Other than power and some parts are prone to failure signal cable, Control Panel, system, and module. On the LED display, average about 500 to 800 per square meter of signal pins, so its reliability is crucial, and it determines the quality of the display. There are enterprises in order to avoid this problem the driver IC with high specifications and connector between modules directly canceled, but cost is higher.

Outdoor LED display:

In the control panel and this is part of the core components of the system, if a problem can cause display large faults, so the control panels and the normal use of the system for display effect are very large. For long-term operation in outdoor screen, high temperatures, dust, electromagnetic interference, and other factors that may cause the control panel and system failure, some manufacturers do have a solution, such as dual line backup, but you can also try other higher reliability of outcome programme, to the stable operation of the outdoor LED display with an insurance policy. In terms of modules, suitable for a variety of work environments is the pursuit of many media companies, modules in different operating environments will have different performance, how to reduce the failure rate is a question which many manufacturers should also be considered. All in all, LED display quality needs to be improved, and of considerable concern to the media company.

Outdoor compact design, thermal and waterproof LED industry required breakthrough technologies. LED display using the environment makes it waterproof, heat dissipation is more reliable to ensure that operations and long-term life requirements, and cannot rely on waterproof and thermal design of steel structures. It is situated or attached to the building's installation requirements need to take into account different age structures of load restrictions, and should coincide with the built environment or theme relevant.

At present, the LED display industry competition focuses on product price, and neglecting the emphasis on quality and after-sales service, cause a number of serious security problems, but also to the media company's operating income. "Three-high" is an inevitable trend of advertising display industry, along with the development of science and technology, all kinds of new things are constantly updated, as LED the advertising industry as well. Especially with respect to display interaction and application of new technologies, because advertising operations in order to catch the eye in order to attract more audience, so as to achieve the release of advertising needs.

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